Gran Turismo 6: New Details Reveal Plans For GPS-Created Tracks

As a new iteration for Gran Turismo is finally almost upon us, developer Polyphony dished out a few more details. Gran Turismo 6 is planned for release on December 6, 2013 as a PS3 exclusive.

First off, it revealed its full lineup of vehicles, boasting an absolute gigantic list of over 1200 cars. This roster features a ton of Nissan cars, as well as Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen and other leading brands. Even more outlandish models, like car enthusiast Jay Leo’s Tank Car, will be available.

For the first time in the series, the game will introduce impactful worldly elements, such as weather changes and time transitions. Since the series is a stickler for detail, it goes as far as to add the astronomical system into its night cycle.

An interesting tidbit was picked up for a planned update to the game at a later date. This would allow its users to download a GPS coordinate data map on their phone, which tracks movement in the real world.

By using the GPS system, players could then recreate the same route in the game. Additionally, through a GPS Visualiser, car owners with a Controller Area Network could collect their data to see their driving replayed in the game.

Hopefully, the latter element doesn’t urge daredevils to drive recklessly into the real world, to see their prowess in the game.

A patch will also be provided later on to commit to 3D support once more, as Gran Turismo 5 once popularized this feature for PS3 use.

The Gran Turismo series has always been elaborate when it comes to accurately representing its driving simulation. A new trailer for the game depicts real cars being tested for resistance and aerodynamics, for example.

That’s an impressive amount of commitment to bring gamers a piece of entertainment. It’s also a reason why games are so thinly spread across a franchise of over 15 years old.

Source: MCV