DC Universe Online: PS3 Players will be able to Join PS4 Players

The Massively Multiplayer Online game by Sony Computer Entertainment, DC Universe Online is played by a vast range of gamers.

When the next generation version arrives, it will naturally divide the community between the current generation and the next. In order to cater to this, a new update on the game will allow the PlayStation 3 account holders to play the game with PlayStation 4 account holders too.

As soon as Sony’s next generation console launches, everyone who has a PlayStation 3 account will be allowed to transfer the account and everything with it to PlayStation 4.

The senior creative director of DC Universe Online, Jens Andersen was interviewed by GamesBeat yesterday. While talking about the MMO’s features in detail he was asked “How will the PlayStation 4 launch affect (existing) players?”

To which he responded by saying:

“Players will be able to transfer their existing account to the PS4. Everything transfers when you log into your account on the new console,”

“PS3 and PS4 players will also be sharing the servers. This means that if you’re a character playing on PS3, you can still play with your friends on the PS4. People won’t have to make the tough choice to keep their PS3 plugged in just to keep playing DCUO (DC Universe Online).”

Along with this, the game is going to get a massive update titled Update 31 which, Andersen boasted, will make 2000 changes to the previous version of the game. This will render the PlayStation 3 version of the game upgraded to fit the PlayStation 4 environment.

He also insisted that all the changes were being made as a direct response to customer feedback. Update 31 will roll out on November 11.

Source: GamesBeat