Battlefield 4: Server Update R7 Fixes Game Crashes

DICE did warn players that Battlefield 4 would face some issues post-release but that they would be fixed soon. Little did players realize that amongst those issues would be the constant and random crashing of their games and servers.

The latest server update released today aims to fix that across all three platforms – PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. “We just rolled out a new server update for Battlefield 4 that should fix some of the most common server crashes across all platforms,” reads a recent Battelog update.

Check below to see the official notes for the update:
R7 Server Update (Nov 6)

  • Fixed two of the most common server crashes (All platforms)
  • The “admin.say” command should now work properly (PC)
  • The “vars.preset” command should now work better in conjunction with other vars settings (PC) (It is now easier for server admins to set a server preset)
  • Fixed a bug in the queue system regarding GUID (PC)
  • Fixed various minor bugs (PC)

DICE seems pretty confident that this update will remove the cashing/freezing problem entirely. Now there are other issues for them to iron out, one of which is progression loss and that is really annoying for any player. DICE will keep on working and pumping out updates as quickly as possible. We may very well see Battlefield 4 fully fixed in time for Christmas.