Valve Cleanse Fears of SteamOS Exclusive Games

Ever since Steam Machines were announced along with the SteamOS powering them; the consumer base has been worried over whether Valve would release games exclusive to the said OS. Half-Life 3 may very well never see the light of day but if it did; would it be announced as an exclusive title for the SteamOS just to bolster sales for Valve’s Steam Machines?

The company stated, no. Speaking with IGN, Valve’s Greg Comer said, “We don’t like to create those artificial barriers to accessing content. “We believe that, in maybe five years from now, folks will find it a quite antiquated notion that you should assume that when you change devices or platforms, that you lose all of your other games and friends.”

Another Valve employee, Anna Sweet, said that the same will apply to third-party titles from other developers. “Whenever we talk to third-party partners, we encourage them to put their games in as many places as possible, including not on our platforms,” she stated.

This of course is not mandatory for every developer and indie ones with limited resources can always release a title specifically for one platform.

Valve has confirmed that the user end Steam Machines from third-party vendors will be displayed at CES 2014, which takes place in January.