UFC on Xbox One Runs at 1080p but 30fps

Brian Hayes, the creative director of EA Canada was talking to GamingBolt in an exclusive interview where he confirmed that UFC on Xbox One will run at 1080p but render only 30 frames per second with motion blur.

When asked what resolution and frames will the mixed martial arts game for the next generation carry, he responded:

“UFC is running at 1080p. The game sim is running at 60 FPS, but rendering at 30 FPS with motion blur,” and he continued. “From prior experience working on Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion, which rendered at 60 and 30 FPS respectively, we discovered that 60 FPS didn’t have a hugely beneficial impact on gameplay, but motion blur had an enormous impact on visual quality.”

“In fact, when we focus tested the two, the majority of people preferred the 30FPS experience with motion blur. So, as opposed to arbitrarily jumping back to 60 FPS for little discernible benefit, we decided to put those resources towards improving the visual presentation of the game in other ways.”

Well, there you are. So much for the talks about having or not having 60fps as if it makes a difference, EA Canada believes it doesn’t really matter!

Do you think it will really look better on 30 fps and motion blur, or there should be something else done to it?

EA Sports’ Ultimate Fighting Champion for the next generation is bound to hit the racks on May 5, 2014 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.