Polyphony Digital Bringing 7 New Tracks to Gran Turismo 6

The developers of Gran Turismo 6, Polyphony Digital have confirmed that the upcoming simulation racing game will feature seven “all new” racing tracks from all over the world. This came along with the news that the standard and premium car models will not be segregated anymore.

The game’s official website posted a list of features for Gran Tursimo 6 that have confirmed “Ascari Full Track” in Spain and “Gran Turismo Arena” the all original racing track of the game itself.

Ascari Circuit is the replica of a motor resort with the same name that is lesser known to the world at large while the Gran Turismo Arena is a preparatory ground for starters and an ideal location for Kart racing.

Other than this, new tracks like Brands Hatch, Willow Springs and Matterhorn were also confirmed as reported by Eurogamer.

Spa and Laguna Seca will get the night mode extended to them while an articulate simulation of the stars will relay constellations as they pass over. This is interestingly realistic and aims to further improve the environmental effects that the game depicts in great detail.

“The environmental changes that happen seamlessly according to the passage of time during gameplay is no longer just a recreation of a track,” reads the website post. “It’s the simulation of the earth itself.”

We have known previously that the list of cars in the game features around 1200 cars, the complete list of cars has also been revealed. Along with this, we have also learnt that the game will no longer segregate the standard models that come in from earlier versions of the game, and the premium ones.

Now that’s a long list of information, do let us now if you plan to pick this one up when it releases in December.