Fulgore to be the 8th Character in Killer Instinct?

Could Fulgore be the eighth playable character in Xbox One exclusive fighting game Killer Instinct? Well, if this post by Penny Arcade could be taken for truth then yes, eighth and final character in the game is Fulgore.

According to the post, Penny Arcade received the finished version of Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition some days ago and one of the pages inside where you can pin the characters that you have unlocked in the game includes the name Fulgore right at the end.

Other characters include the recently confirmed Orchid and the recently teased skeletal character Spinal. Although the website has now covered up Fulgore’s name with a cheeky “top secret” label but not until folks at NeoGAF snatched screenshots of the image from their website.

What makes this news a little more than just a rumor here is the fact that Penny Arcade has to cover up the name, probably after they received a call from Double Helix Games. Which only proves one thing, the character is actually going to be there in the game.

Well, even that is just a speculation of mine and lets keep it at that since nothing has been confirmed by either the developer Double Helix or Microsoft Studios.

Also, looking at how Fulgore has forever been one of the most iconic playable characters in the series’ past, it is not much of a rocket science to know that it was him who would hold the final spot on the list.

You can pre-order Penny Arcade’s Pin Ultimate Edition of Killer Instinct from Microsoft Store right now or wait for it when it launches a week after the game’s release as a launch title on Xbox One.