League of Legends: Popstar Ahri Announced

Riot Games has today announced a new Popstar Ahri skin, which seemingly is based upon the Korean pop band – Girls Generation. It’s also a coincidence or sheer timing that the recent YouTube Music Awards saw to Girls Generation winning away quite a few titles.

Popstar Ahri’s record smashing single, “Charm’d” shot up the charts and fueled global excitement for her upcoming Spirit Rush Tour. The newly minted star was recently snapped practicing fresh dance moves, and with her stage show rumored to include a dramatic entrance and exit, not to mention melodic new particles and a rhythmically-inclined Spirit Orb, Popstar Ahri’s sure to take the world by storm.

As is the case with the newer skins from Riot Games, Popstar Ahri will have a custom recall animation, as well as new particles for all of her spells.

The announcements refers to Popstar Ahri’s Spirit Rush tour. It’s possible that Riot Games is going to release a series of skins with the same theme, similar to the five they released for the Pentakill one.

Those interested in bumping up their ranked rating in the game, know that you only have until November 11, by which Season 3 will officially end. Following that will be pre-Season 4.

Source League of Legends