Codemasters Looking for Test Drivers for a Super Secret Game

Are you interested in getting your hands on an under development “super secret early game”? Well, Codemasters is giving you the chance to do just that. A post was spotted by Videogamer on the Codemasters website asking you to get enlisted for a test drive of what could be the next GRID game.

The process is simple; you get yourself registered by sending an email to with your name, location, reason for the interest, previous racing game experience and a one-lined review of GRID 2.

The players that will be given a chance to test drive the upcoming game will be selected by Codemasters themselves and the mystery game will be out for testing “soon,” according to the post.

“Test Drivers wanted – fancy a trip to Codies for super-exclusive, super-secret early game access?” reads the headline. “One of the initiatives we’re keen to launch is to get you guys involved at a much earlier stage. Earlier, even, than announcement.”

From the looks of it, this could possibly be the next GRID game, the post makes references to GRID 2 Demo Derby DLC and moddings of GRID 2 itself whilst explaining how they really value customer feedback.

“We’re looking for really core racing fans initially, and we know there’s plenty of you out there,” they say, and as far as I can see it, they will want to really know you before they select you since the post reads:

“The more information you can give us the better your chance at being selected, we’re looking for the most dedicated racers out there.”

Accessing possibly the next GRID game even before it is officially announced? how excited are you about this?