Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies Out Now For PC, iOS Later This Week

Publisher 2K Games and Firaxis have released Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies on PC and Steam. It’s available through the Valve platform now for €4.49, which is a 10% discount off its normal price tag of €4.99. This slight deal lasts until November 12, 2013.

Pacific Skies will include a staggering amount of content, with over 180 missions that will seek to recreate battles from World War II. Iconic locations like Midway and Pearl Harbor will be part of the theater. Missions span from ambushes to going behind enemy lines for daring rescues.

There are several nations available, each with their own custom aircraft. Furthermore, each plane can be enhanced with additional equipment, and pilots can be promoted for their increasing skill.

As with Sid Meier’s other games, this turn-based strategy title offers gamers a way to play in Hot Seat multiplayer. This mode where everyone takes a turn behind the same computer is a fan favorite.

Pacific Skies is the second game in the newly created franchise from the Civilization creator. It was originally designed for mobile devices as a free-to-play title, but was brought to PC after fan feedback. It has since dropped its monetization scheme for a standard price tag.

As an odd turn of events, Pacific Skies is now available on PC first and will come to iOS on November 7, 2013. The release comes with a short launch trailer depicting the colorful visual style of the game.

You can find Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies on Steam here.