Xbox One Dev-Kit UI Video Appears Online

The Xbox One is going to be boasting a new dashboard and UI scheme; which many have praised for its refined and smooth response. Today Tom Warren, writer for The Verge, has posted an image of the console’s dev-kit menus (below) and a video showcasing the dashboard’s new UI in action.

Xbox One Dashboard

The UI pretty much sticks to Microsoft’s latest Metro tile layout from their new Windows 8 OS; a scheme which I believe is an excellent addition to every platform, except PC. I just found it purely annoying and switched back to Windows 7.

In any case, the accompanying video also has Warren’s thought’s on the UI and suffice to say, he’s very impressed.

“Overall I’ll say the Xbox One dash is fast. Snapping apps like IE is super quick and you can have a YouTube video at side of a game,” reads a tweet from him.

The Xbox One releases on this month on the 22nd for the price of $499.

Source Twitter