Steam Autumn and Holiday Sale Dates Leaked, Will Run The Same Discounts

Allegedly, the dates for Steam Autumn and Holiday Sale promotions have been leaked. In a thread on reddit, a user has posted an internal mail sent to publishers, detailing how the sales progress would run this year.

In it, dates for the Steam Autumn Sale are set on November 27 and until December 3rd, while the Steam Holiday Sale follows only a few weeks later on December 19 until January 2nd.

This also effectively brings the Valve promotion on to the next year and on dates like Christmas, as well as New Year’s. Further on in the thread, the mail is confirmed by the supposed chief editor of popular Russian site, which has the mail up in full.

It is said that it originates from a Russian game that has been approved through the Steam Greenlight system, which would explain the lack of publisher filter, since independent developers can publish games on Steam directly.

Some notable details in the mails contain the pricing model for the sales.

Particularly, discount prices are to be sent before November 15. Due to their proximity, normal offerings, running through the breadth of the promotions, will remain static for both events.

The only deviance possible for a game to be discounted even more is if it’s in a timed promotion. Things like flash sales, daily deals and community voted games may receive an additional discount.

Still, even those timed deals will work with one unilateral pricing point, so there’s no need to wait for a further drop, if you’re hoping for some big discounts.

This is the screenshot of the email in full.