This is How the Steam Machine Prototype Looks Like

Feast your eyes on the prototype models of Valve’s Steam Machines. Boasting a console-like design, the Steam Machine looks all set to blend in your living room in terms of both size and design.

Following Valve’s announcement a couple of months back, we’ve been waiting to see just how a Steam Machine would look like. Granted the design shown in the image above is just the prototype but Valve assures that it serves to give third-party hardware manufacturers a model to start with for their own Steam Machines.

300 of these prototypes are going to be shipped out to various Steam users later this year for testing purposes. The machines are going to be boasting random cards, ranging from an Nvidia GTX 660 to an Nvidia Titan. Of course there’s the question regarding how a Titan would fit in the same dimensions as that of a 660.

The answer has already been stated above. The design of the box will stay relatively the same but third-party hardware manufacturers have some leeway to increase the dimensions to fit in larger cards. However, the design will still try to not look out of place when placed in a typical living room environment.

Even though such power will be placed under the hood, Steam Machines will not have heating issues. According to Valve, they have prioritized cooling, with plastic dividing the innards into separate zones for the CPU (vented out the top), power supply (out the side) and video card (out the back).

While third-party manufacturers are going to be pumping out their own Steam Machines (expect an Nvidia version for starters), Valve has stated that the company will manufacture and sell the Steam Controller on its own. Their Controller features 16 buttons, a touchscreen and two unique circular trackpads that new players might need some time getting used to.

The real Steam Machines for end users coming from third-party vendors are going to be revealed at CES 2014, which takes place in January. The machines themselves are expected to start shipping by summers of next year.

In the mean time Valve’s Doug Lombardi has answered a question that’s been plaguing everyone, ‘If Valve releases Half-Life 3, will it be exclusive to the SteamOS on Steam Machines?’

The answer is no, it will not be an exclusive title and will be available on PC as well. “It’s against our philosophy to put a game in jail and say it only works on Steam Machines,” Lombardi said.

Source: Polygon