Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise Expansion Incoming

Publisher Paradox Interactive continues to strengthen its strategy title line-up on PC with the announcement of the first expansion for Europa Universalis 4. The addition will be called Conquest of Paradise and release through digital download on December 11, 2013.

Funnily enough, the prime strategy franchise from the publisher ditches its iconic name with the expansion, as the terrain is taken to focus on the Americas.

Moreover, Conquest of Paradise will allow its players to discover randomized content for unique playthroughs, which is a first in the developer’s running series.

While prior releases prided themselves on accurately depicting history, this option to generate random islands is implemented to give its users a sense of what exploring was like back then.

Most explorers didn’t really know exactly where the new continents were situated, so this element recreates that sense of adventure into the unknown.

In the upcoming release, it’s possible to build a New World empire from scratch. Native American nations are playable and will address their hindrance in technology in a historic setting as well. The whole comes with a unique set of buildings and events to balance things out.

Colonial politics will also be a hot topic, as First World countries can usurp lands from the Native Americans and use them for trading and exploiting purposes. It’s also possible to detach from the motherland and go for independence, quite like the real North American struggle.

With the Conquest of Paradise expansion, Paradox plans to follow the model used in their previous release, Crusader Kings II. Those who choose not to purchase the addition can still receive auxiliary free downloadable content.

Furthermore, in multiplayer sessions, all players will receive access to the expansion content, as long as the host has it.