Call of Duty: Ghosts – Broadcast Mode and eSports Settings Teased

Veteran players can expect the Call of Duty Championship to return with the new Call of Duty: Ghosts title. While Infinity Ward’s latest installment will cater greatly to the casual circle of FPS players; the developer has not forgotten about the hardcore community who opt for competitive support.

Today Infinity Ward released a brief teaser in the form of a short Vine video that revealed a Broadcaster Mode and eSports game settings in Ghosts. The eSports settings will of course give players or organizers control over the game. Plenty of weapons, perks and other aspects considered PUB-friendly can be disabled to give both teams a proper competitive environment to play in. The Broadcaster Mode on the other hand will allow players to spectate and shoutcast matches.

You can check out the Vine teaser here.

It’s surprising that Infinity Ward would choose to reveal features for eSports so close to the game’s release. Hopefully we’ll get more information on it this week.

Last year Treyarch brought Black Ops 2 with modes like League Play and COD Caster. They helped the game rise in tournament organizing circles like MLG (Major League Gaming).