Angry Birds to pay a Visit to Puzzle & Dragons

Watch out, the Angry Birds are going to be thrown at Puzzle and Dragons this month! Yes, the two highly famed games will be mashed together in a cross over promotional event that starts on November 18.

Angry Birds developer Rovio and GungHo Online Entertainment the developers of Puzzle and Dragons have announced that they will launch an event that will feature Angry Birds’ characters in a Puzzle and Dragons dungeon level. The dungeon itself will be designed in the Angry Birds theme too.

“We are excited to announce the collaboration of Puzzle & Dragons and the Angry Birds games from Rovio Entertainment,” said Daisuke Yamamoto, GungHo Online Entertainment, Producer and creator of Puzzle & Dragons.

“Angry Birds is one of the most recognizable entertainment franchises in the world, and we are thrilled to be working alongside Rovio to give our fans a look at what it would be like if Angry Birds characters invaded the world of Puzzle & Dragons.”

This is not the first time that GungHo has partnered with another game developer for a timed event. Previously SUperCall, another developer like Rovio has been in a cross-over promo with GungHo which apart from the success of the event itself, resulted in a 1.5 billion dollar investment in SuperCell by GungHo’s parent company.

In the same announcement, the vice president of Rovio, Jami Laes stated that “At Rovio we are very happy to bring Angry Birds together with Puzzle & Dragons, and to introduce the fun contest to both games’ fans all over the world. It will be exciting to see what our creative fans will come up with.”

The collaborative event will start from November 18 and last up till December 1. Are you planning to see how the two of the most popular mobile games look together?

Source: VentureBeat