Albert Penello Says Xbox One will Turn on Faster than your TV

Talk about what’s the best console in the market and one factor you will look at that which one is the fastest. Well, Albert Penello has it all figured out for you; he insists that Xbox One will turn back on from standby in lesser time than your TV!

‎Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management and Planning, Albert Penello has been using Reddit as his official information sharing platform lately. This time he is talking about the Xbox One power stages.

When asked “is Xbox One always powered on (power states)?” he explained the three stages that the console can be kept on i.e. On, Off and Standby. Yes, I know there’s nothing new there and it’s kind of lame when I put it like that but there’s a juicy part that follows.

He further explained the Standby mode saying “Standby allows ‘Xbox On’, quick resume, checking for updates, etc.” and continued, “This is the mode we’d like to see people in, obviously, so you get back to gaming or watching TV really quick.”

And then he added:

“From standby, it’s likely the Xbox (One) will be on before the TV is completely powered up.”

That’s pretty quick right? We still have another question to ask though, the same that you might have in mind, i.e. how much time does the Xbox One take to boot up after being completely powered off. This one hasn’t been answered yet, but we shall get back to you as soon as we have word from Microsoft.

Source: Reddit via Videogamer