Ultra Street Fighter IV: Ultra Combo Doubles and Red Focus Attacks Revealed

Ultra Street Fighter IV is scheduled for release sometime in early 2014 and was said to feature plenty of new changes to its gameplay. Last week the game’s producer Tomoaki Ayano shared some of those changes and revealed that the title would feature two new gameplay mechanics – “Ultra Combo Double” for an offensive and “Red Focus Attack” for a defensive.

Currently every character can choose only one Ultra Combo for a match.

In the next installment, “Ultra Combo Double” will allow players to select both of their Ultra Combos. However, doing so would mean that each Ultra Combo will now deal less damage than before. If equipping yourself with multiple Ultras is not your thing, then you can always select a single Ultra Combo.

Currently the game’s Focus Attack system allows players to absorb the damage from a single attack. In the next installment, “Red Focus Attack” will allow players to absorb damage from multiple attacks but this will come at the cost of your Super Meter.

Ayano mentioned that Red Focus Attacks can still be dash cancelled but provided no other information on how a Red Focus Attack can be executed or how much meter it will burn.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Capcom has already stated that they have no plans to bring the game on to the newer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.