Todd Papy, God of War: Ascension Director Quits Sony

Is it just me or is the God of War franchise really jinxed? Alright, may be that was a bit over the top but this is the third time that a Sony Santa Monica official has quit the company after working on a title in the God of War series.

Industry Veteran Todd Papy who also happens to be the director of God of War Ascension has announced his departure from the studio. He took to Twitter for the pretty hearty announcement.

Papy had been working with Sony Santa Monica since 2010 and is agreeably the cornerstone behind the spot where God of War: Ascension went.

In reply to another Tweet he clarified his intentions behind the decision. Certainly he is not quitting game development and apparently he is moving to Germany for a change of scenario.

There are some pretty handsome developing studios headquartered in Germany, some of them would be Crytek, Deep Silver, and Yager, I wonder where we could be seeing him next.

Others who have quit the Sony Santa Monica after working on a God of War title include David Jaffe, the Twisted Metal creator who had left the job after the first game in the God of War series. He was followed by Cory Barlog who left after the second game in the series (and returned recently to work on a different project), and now Todd Papy.

So, two questions; where is Papy headed to and err… is there something wrong with the franchise? Your comments?