In-game Twitch Streaming is Coming to Minecraft

Around 13 million people play Minecraft that is just a little less than the population of Netherlands. For a group this big a way to share their experiences with the outer world would be such a relief. What better way to do that than adding in built Twitch streaming?

The video streaming company Twitch and game developer Mojang announced that the game will receive the feature pretty soon thanks to their partnership.

Twitch marketing VP Matthew DiPietro was talking to the audience at Minecon convention in Orlando where he said:

“Minecraft has struck a very powerful chord with the Twitch community,” he said. “Its constantly escalating popularity illustrates that people love to watch video games outside of the headline grabbing eSports titles. Expect a watershed moment for both players and spectators once the ability to easily broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch goes live.”

It has been confirmed that both the Windows and Mac version of the game will get the feature but nothing was said about the release date. Once live, it will allow Minecraft players to stream their game footages to Twitch directly from the game.

I expect the integration to excel in a game like Minecraft, this is so because since the launch of the game back in 2011, it has not dropped out of the 20 most viewed games list.

The growing fondness of Twitch can be seen pretty clearly from the way more and more gamers and developers are willing to integrate it into their lives. Some of the known games that have Twitch streaming activated include PlanetSide 2, Trackmania 2, and Path of Exile. What’s more, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are going to have in built Twitch support.

Are you going to be showing off some of your creativity over Twitch once the in-game streaming goes live?

Source: VentureBeat