Dota 2 Community Gets Trolled by Valve Over Halloween Event

Either Valve has successfully managed to troll the whole Dota 2 community this Halloween season or perhaps it wasn’t their intention at all. In any case the community is not amused.

Last year when Dota 2 was still in beta, Valve held a Halloween event called Diretide. The event exclusive to Halloween brought a new game mode where Roshan was roaming the whole map in search of candy rather than sitting out quietly in his niche. Those unlucky to come across the roaming mountain, would get pulverized, much to the amusement of players.

With Halloween season starting this year, almost everyone assumed that Diretide would return. Valve pretty much has annual events for the rest of their games, with Team Fortress 2 getting a special Halloween event every year. However, Valve kept quiet over any expectations Dota 2 players should have this season. Things started looking up when the game began downloading a 73 MB patch which everyone assumed would enable the Diretide mode. However, what it actually was, was just a patch that contained hats. You can well imagine the look on the community’s face who came out saying that ‘we just got trolled’.

Forum topics started piling up where they expressed their anger, saying that they have had enough of hats and want new heroes, events and balances. Perhaps Valve really needs to stat communicating better with its community.