Call of Duty: Ghosts – Extinction Mode Classes Detailed

Class details for the new Extinction mode included in Call of Duty: Ghosts have now been released on the web. As speculated, players will join three others in an epic stand for survival against the alien horde; which for some reason decided on invading planet Earth after the events of the single player campaign.

There are going to be four classes in total: Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer and Medic.

Weapon Specialist
If you’re interested in dishing out damage then know that Weapon Specialists deal 20 percent more bullet damage. This attribute comes really handy when faced against heavily armored aliens who otherwise take a lot of damage before going down. The percentage of bullet damage improves as the Weapon Specialist levels up.

As the name suggests, the Tank class features 25 percent more health and hence can withstand punishment. In some scenarios the Tank class is a necessity because players will need someone on the front lines to divert attention of the aliens from the other ‘fragile’ classes. The extra health also allows Tank players to play more aggressively and jump into the fray head on. The percentage of bonus health improves as the Tank levels up.

Your team cannot progress without a functional drill. The Engineer class provides more armor for the drill and earns even more bonus cash. Hence, the class is the front line of defense for the team’s drill and overwhelming alien odds will have a tough time taking down the drill. The percentage of the drill’s armor improves as the Engineer levels up.

The Medic is capable of reviving fallen allies more quickly. With a whole alien horde in front of you, one or more of your allies will go down sooner or later. The Medic ensures that they are patched and back up on their feet as quickly as possible. The percentage of healing abilities and movement speed improves as the Medic levels up.

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 5, 2013.