Albert Panello will Comment on Xbox One and PS4 Resolutions Soon

Only recently, Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning Albert Panello was seen busy over NeoGAF where he tried to answer queries that customers had while trying to clear out whatever rumors he set his foot on.

This only lasted a short while and when he was inquired for his absence he came up with a promise that he will return soon.

He has been stating in the past how PS4 and Xbox One versions of game that have been released with different resolutions look similar to him. Just as Battlefield 4 released to current generation and the days drew nearer to Call of Duty: Ghosts, he went silent on the topic.

When one of the folks who had been waiting for him posted “shocking to see him disappear. What are the chance his mighty will presence us with an apology or concession. (sic)” He chimed in with a sly remark: “pretty good, I’d say.”

Once the ice was broken he replied to another comment stating “I’ll be back. You’re right, I should talk about it. But right now, still lots of info to come out. Once the dust settles, and all the information is out there, I’ll address my comments.”

Now looking at that, even the naïve minded ones would start to speculate a hidden meaning, but that is not what Penello intended as he clarified later: “Don’t read into that. It wasn’t meant to be a tease. I just mean we’re so close to launch, with reviews, games, etc. there is still a lot of information coming out. I was not intending to lead to anything more than that.”

So there you are, nothing news breaking from him this time, but we are surely going to watch out for Albert Penello for his opinion on the two major shooter games of the season.

Source: DualShockers