Thief: First Story Trailer Narrates a Gloomy City

“Stories from The City” is a new series of videos planned by Square Enix which will take viewers deep into the shadowy world of the game’s settings. The first video of the lot has released today and finds Basso narrating a gloomy picture of The City.

Having once been a common petty criminal, Basso tells how The City is going through a time of death and gloom; with power-hungry people squeezing any remaining life left from its poor citizens. However, Basso believes that not all is lost. A man who has just returned to The City just might be the savior who can bring life back to The City.

Basso calls him the Master Thief Garrett and we all know what he is capable of.

Thief is currently schedule for release on both the current and next-gen platforms on February 25, 2014. The PC version in specific has been confirmed to feature better visuals than its console counter-parts. Additionally there will also be PC specific features that Square Enix has promised to detail later. We assume part of them to be advanced physx and other visual related technologies that will allow powerful rigs to take the game’s experience a bit further.