Rumor: Three New Pokemon for Pokemon X & Y

According to a suspicious looking leak over the internet, there could be three new Pokemon yet to be introduced in to the latest iteration of the series, Pokemon X & Y.

Apparently, certain Pokemon hackers have discovered Three New Pokemon for Pokemon X & Y by RAM editing, a fully hacked 3DS and decryption of the file system. The outcomes was: fairy Pokemon called Diancie, a psychic/ghost Pokemon called Hoope and Volcanion the firefly.

Nothing is known about the timing of the actual release of these characters into the game, nor do we know what events would trigger their inclusion into the game, and of course these are purely rumors as of now.

At max what this could be is a leak that could wither be confirmed by the developer or rejected – we shall wait and watch.

Oh and if these Pokemon are really hidden in the game could there be more? Have a look at the images that were shared by the hackers and tell us whether you think they could be authentic.

We are still waiting for Nintendo and Game Freak to clear the mist around the rumors and will report to you as soon as they come up with a statement. Until then, tell us how would you like them to join the legendaries list of the game?

new pokemon

Source: HardcoreGamer Via NeoSeeker