Killer Instinct: Orchid and Spinal Confirmed as Playable Characters

Up until now, Killer Instinct had received five confirmed characters in the game but there’s always room for more, especially when the characters we are talking about are as badass as Orchid.

Yes you heard that right; Orchid is coming to Killer Instinct showing off what she carries under that suit to levels that are not ignorable. Dancing to the tunes of “touch me and I’ll break your face,” she looks like a powerhouse.

Orchid was revealed during an exclusive Twitch Stream by IGN with Double Helix yesterday. Though otherwise focused on the gameplay of Killer Instinct, the livestream was not short on surprises for one and all.

That is not it for today folks! Make sure you watch the Orchid reveal trailer above till the last second and you will meet someone else too. An evil laugh and a creepy setting towards the end of the trailer lead to none other than Spinal!

The sword and shield wielding skeleton also appeared in the original Killer Instinct and it’s evident that more characters could be resurrected in the game with the passage of time. Other characters that have been confirmed include Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Chief Thunder and a newly introduced Sadira.

Who else would you want to see?

The game is basically a free-to-play but in that case it will come with a single playable character, Jago. Those who wish to add to the fun will have to spend some dimes on the Combo Breaker Pack (for eight playable characters) or the Ultra Edition that along with the eight characters, character accessories and character costumes will bring the original Arcade game too.

Killer Instinct, the fourth game in the series is going to be an Xbox One exclusive that will release as a launch title for the next generation console.

Source: IGN