Battlefield 4 Support Class Tips and Strategy Guide

The Support class in Battlefield 4 specializes in providing suppression fire, handing out ammunition and most of all, they have access to equipping C4 explosives which are of great use.

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Battlefield 4 Support Class

Starting Loadout

Primary Weapon: U-100 MK5
Secondary Weapon: P226
Gadget 1: Ammo Pack
Gadget 2: XM25 Airburst
Grenade: M67 Frag
Knife: Bayonet

The Support class has access to a variety of light machine guns; all of which carry a massive ammunition belt that allows them to lay down high volumes of sustained fire.

I personally do not like the default U-100 MK5 gun which Support players will be wielding at the start of the game. It has a low rate of fire and damage, which might make killing enemies pretty tough. However, that’s where the XM25 Airburst gun comes in.

The XM25 is a semi-automatic grenade launcher which comes with its own set of ammo. Compared to the M320 grenade launcher which the Assault class carries, the XM25 has better accuracy and range. It’s also equipped with an infrared optic that allows you to easily target enemies in otherwise difficult situations.

There is also a difference in usage. All XM25 rounds are set to detonate after traveling three meters. The optics displays this range and players have to aim as such that the round bursts right on top of enemies, raining shrapnel down on them. The following are the three different kinds of ammo Support players will be able to choose from:

  • XM25 Airburst: Fires 25mm grenades that can explode mid-flight, creating an airburst effect to eliminate targets behind cover.
  • XM25 Smoke: Fires 25mm grenades that can explode mid-flight, creating an airburst smoke effect to block sight and spotting.
  • XM25 DART: Fires a 25mm cartridge packed with penetrating flechettes that effectively transform the launcher into a semiautomatic shotgun.

Throwing Ammo packs around friendly players will resupply them with bullets when the run over it. Its big brother the Ammo Box gives out bullets, as well as grenades and other ammunition in a small radius.

Remember to place them around friendly squads during battles. You’ll earn points whenever someone is supplied with any kind of ammo.

Unlock Progression

M18 Claymore: 17,000 Score
QBS-09: 52,000 Score
Offensive Field Upgrade: 70,000 Score
Ammo Box: 87,000 Score
Indirect Fire Field Upgrade: 105,000 Score
XM25 Smoke: 122,000
M224 Mortar: 139,000
MP-APS: 157,000 Score
Perimeter Defense Field Upgrade: 174,000 Score
XM25 DART: 190,000 Score
C4 Explosive: 210,000 Score

Above is the complete progression for the Support class. The respective score means that once you’ve earned that amount, the coinciding weapon/gadget/upgrade will be made available.

M18 Claymores are anti-personnel mines that when deployed, detonate whenever an enemy player breaks its trip wire. These are perfect when placed inside closed passages at corners where enemy players rushing through will be surprised.

The M224 Mortar returns from Battlefield 3 and uses 60mm exlposive rounds to level a specific grid through its targeting system. However, this time around there are a few changes to the Mortar setup.

Firstly, players can deploy and operate it remotely from a safe distance. Secondly it is equipped with a top-down view of the map which helps greatly in targeting. The M224 Mortar requires a flat ground to set up on.

One of the most destructive and mobile weapons in Battlefield 4 are the C4 pastic explosives. These stick to most surfaces and provide a quick and effective way to take out vehicles. Simply run behind them, throw a couple of C4s on top of it and remotely detonate them.

Unique Field Upgrades

Indirect Fire
Ammo Bag Upgrade: Increases maximum deployed Ammo Boxes and Ammo Packs by 1.
Ammo: Increases maximum inventory of bullets by 50%.
Indirect Fire: Increases maximum M224 and XM25 ammo.
Resupply Unit: Occupied vehicles will slowly resupply nearby soldiers.

Perimeter Defense
Ammo: Increases maximum inventory of bullets by 50%.
Suppression: Increases amount of outgoing suppression by 50%.
Claymores: Increases maximum inventory of Claymores to 3.
MP-APS Upgrade: Increases time MP-APS can detect incoming explosives.

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