Battlefield 4 Recon Class Tips and Strategy Guide

The Recon class in Battlefield 4 is specially designed for those wanting to take out enemies from a distance using sniper rifles. However, the class is not limited to just sniper rifles or long range combat.

Battlefield 4 offers Recon specialists to opt for other kits designed for a more offensive role as well. This ultimately means that players can in between be part of the action, rather than sitting it out from afar.

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Battlefield 4 Recon Class

Starting Loadout

Primary Weapon: CS-LR4
Secondary Weapon: P226
Gadget 1: PLD
Gadget 2: C4 Explosive
Grenade: M67 Frag
Knife: Bayonet

Similar to most of other sniper rifles you’ll unlock in your progression, the CS-LR4 will only put down an enemy in a single bullet if it’s a head shot. Otherwise it’ll take at least two or in some cases even three bullets, depending on where the target was hit and if he had recently secured a medic kit or not.

Unlike the Support class, Recon players will get C4 Explosives right from the start. This is terrific for running behind enemy vehicles, slapping on a couple of charges and blowing them sky high. The high amount of points in the early part of your progression will help you move forward quicker.

The PLD is an important part of your kit and hence makes you best friends with the Engineer class. Using the PLD, Recon players can laser designate objects like enemy choppers.

As long as you’re actively aiming at the locked object, nearby friendly Engineers will be able to shoot off their rockets, which now will accurately home in on the enemy vehicles.

Unlock Progression

Motion Sensor: 16,000 Score
RFB: 48,000 Score
Offensive Field Upgrade: 64,000 Score
Radio Beacon: 80,000 Score
Spec Ops Field Upgrade: 96,000 Score
T-UGS: 112,000 Score
SOFLAM: 128,000 Score
Sniper Field Upgrade: 144,000 Score
MAV: 160,000 Score
M18 Claymore: 180,000 Score

Above is the complete progression for the Recon class. The respective score means that once you’ve earned that amount, the coinciding weapon/gadget/upgrade will be made available.

Returning from Bad Company 2, Motion Sensors can be thrown by players which then can detect nearby enemy movement in a 25-meter radius. All detected enemies will be spotted on your mini-map for up to 24 seconds after deployment. Consider this gadget a necessary when you’re in the mood of hiding out in a location and not get found.

It’s big brother, the T-UGS, offers the same services but in an alternate fashion. Unlike the regular Motion Sensors that need to be thrown, T-UGS’ can be deployed for an indefinite period of time on flat surfaces.

Following that it will continue to relay enemy movements in a 25-meter radius. These though can be detected by enemies through their continuous beeping sound and can be destroyed using explosives or a MAV, which will jam it.

MAV or Micro Air Vehicles are remotely flown by players to detect incoming threats or destroy deployed enemy gadgets. It has its own motion sensor which has a massive range of 35 meters and using an infrared camera, makes it easy to spot enemies behind enemy lines.

Portable Spawn Beacons act as an additional spawn position for a squad.

This is vital for team mates to quickly paradrop into the fray again. Note that these beacons need a clear line of sight to the sky and can only be deployed on flat surfaces. These can also be destroyed by enemy players so make sure to deploy a PSB at a guarded position or niche that protects it from the eyes of enemy players.

If you like laser-designating targets using the PLD, then you’ll love having the SOFLAM. The Laser Marker automatically designates enemy vehicles when deployed on any flat surface in a stationary position. Once a vehicle has been targeted, all friendly players can then lock on to the said targets using their own missile/rocket launchers.

Note that you yourself can use the SOFLAM to target enemy vehicles but you can also leave behind the gadget to perform its services automatically but in a limited line-of-sight. It goes without saying that a SOFLAM can prove to be deadly in maps where the enemy team is pumping out airborne crafts.

Unique Field Upgrades

Spec Ops
Stealth: Undetected by Motion Sensors except when sprinting.
C4 Explosives: Increases maximum inventory of C4 Explosives to 6.
Motion Sensors: Increases maximum inventory of Motion Sensors to 5. Increases range of T-UGS and MAV by 40%.
Quick Unspot: Reduces time you are spotted by two seconds.

Hold Breath: Increases time you can hold your scope by 100%.
Cover: Decreases amount of incoming suppression by 50%.
Quick Unspot: Reduces time you are spotted by two seconds.
Advanced Spot: Increases time your targets are spotted by 45%.

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