Battlefield 4 Engineer Class Tips and Strategy Guide

The Engineer class in Battlefield 4 once again takes on the role of an anti-vehicle specialist, along with a variety of weapons that gives players the power to mow down enemy players in close combat.

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Battlefield 4 Engineer Class

Starting Loadout

Primary Weapon: MX4
Secondary Weapon: P226
Gadget 1: Repair Tool
Gadget 2: MBT LAW
Grenade: M67 Frag
Knife: Bayonet

Players will start out with the MX4 and even though it’s there by default, the MX4 is an extremely steady weapon to take out enemy players with ease. It’s safe to say that players should have no problems racking up kills with the default weapon.

As you progress through, you’ll unlock other PDWs, which players have to note, are only good in close combat. Battlefield 4’s weapon mechanics are pretty impressive and all weapons are unique in their own way.

Some have a slow rate of fire but grant great accuracy, others have high damage but also a high rate of fire, making players meet issues with recoil control. Personally I find the AKS-74U and SCAR-H the best of the lot.

No way any enemy is going to escape once he gets into the cross-hairs of these weapons.

The Repair Tool is an excellent source of earning quick points in the game. Always remember that it’s your duty to repair friendly vehicles and send them back to the battlefield. It’s the safest way possible to get points.

Your second gadget, the MBT LAW, is what makes the Engineer special. The default launcher is perhaps pretty underpowered but still can put a dent in a heavily armored enemy vehicles.

Remember to fire at their weakest points where the armor is low, which usually is the top or the belly area. MBT LAWs specialize in homing in on land vehicles and then climbing before crashing in from the top; making this an excellent weapon against heavily armored tanks.

Unlock Progression

FIM-92 Stinger: 18,000 Score
AK 5C: 36,000 Score
M15 AT Mine: 55,000 Score
Offensive Field Upgrade: 73,000 Score
RPG-7V2: 109,000 Score
SA-18 IGLA: 127,000 Score
Mechanic Field Upgrade: 146,000 Score
M2 SLAM: 164,000 Score
EOD Bot: 182,000 Score
MK153 SMAW: 200,000 Score
Anti-Tank Field Upgrade: 218,000 Score
FGM-148 Javelin: 236,000 Score
FGM-172 SRAW: 250,000 Score

Above is the complete progression for the Engineer class. The respective score means that once you’ve earned that amount, the coinciding weapon/gadget/upgrade will be made available.

While the Engineer excels in taking out anti-tanks, the class also has the ability to put down enemy air-crafts. Though it has to be said that it’s not always reliable. Your first unlock, the FIM-92 Stinger, is capable of homing in on enemy air-crafts but to a slight degree.

It’s big brother, the SA-18 IGLA though, is equipped to fire anti-air rockets which can be guided by the user towards its target. This pretty much makes any enemy vehicle hovering over you a dead-bird.

The RPG-7V2 is the launcher that was available in the game’s beta. It has an iron sight, rather than an optical one, and cannot home in on targets unless they are laser designated. However, it does a great deal of damage provided your aim is true.

On the other hand, you have the MK153 SMAW which has higher accuracy but considerable lower damage than the RPG-7V2.

Even though it has the capability of locking on to laser-designated targets, it’s still a better option to go with the 7V2 over the SMAW. One major difference between the two is that the SMAW does higher damage to sides and rear armor.

Anti-tank specialists will also have the option of the FGM-172 SRAW, which is a wire-guided anti-tank missile launcher. Each rocket can be manually guided to its target during the aimed mode.

The big daddy of all though is the FGM-148 Javelin, which is capable of firing a guided rocket that locks on land vehicles. It does medium damage to armor from any direction, making it an extremely dangerous weapon to be facing if you’re the enemy tank driver.

It will take two M15 AT Mines to take down a tank but only one is enough to complete disable it. In each map there are various routes which enemy tanks will always use to get to their location quicker. Throw down these mines along the road and see the sparks fly.

Compared to these, the M2 SLAM mines are relatively smaller in size; making it tough for the enemy to spot. However, it also takes three of them to take down a tank.

An Engineer excels in close combat but it’s not always a good thing to rush in head on. Instead why not use an EOD BOT instead?

Find a good hiding spot and deploy the bot. You’ll now switch to a different camera and from here on you can control the BOT around the corner and gun down enemies. It’s also capable of arming or disarming explosives and objectives.

Unique Field Upgrades

Fast Repair: Increases speed and sabotage of repairs by 35%.
Flak: Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.
Cover: Decreases amount of incoming supression by 50%.
Repair Unit: Occupied vehicles will slowly repair nearby vehicles.

Mines: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines and M2 SLAM to 6.
Rockets: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7.
More Deployed Explosives: Increases maximum deployed explsoives to 6.
Flak: Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.

Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies to play Engineer in Battlefield 4.

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