Battlefield 4 Assault Class Tips and Strategy Guide

Assault players in Battlefield 4 are equipped with kits that enable them to survive heated battles and give enemy players a tough time in any range.

Assault weaponry gives you pure versatility with different rifles that can take out players at long range, grenade launchers to surprise groups of enemies or shotguns to go close and personal.

They also excel in healing team mates which makes them a vital part of any squad. For more help on Battlefield 4, read our Engineer, Support and Recon Guide.

Battlefield 4 Assault Class

Starting Loadout

Primary Weapon: AK-12
Secondary Weapon: P226
Gadget 1: First Aid Pack
Gadget 2: M320 HE
Grenade: M67 Frag
Knife: Bayonet

Players will start with the AK-12 by default which in all is one of the most easiest weapon to kill with in the game. Once you rack up enough kills to unlock the Red Dot Sight, the AK-12 will begin to show its true colors, allowing you to burst down enemies at long range with just 3-4 bullets.

Remember to never hold the trigger for long intervals when firing from long range. Instead opt for short bursts of 3-4 bullets at a time to control the recoil.

In Battlefield 4, Assault class plays the role of a medic as well. Throwing first aid packs on the ground will help heal friendly players, including yourself, which is of great value considering that an extra dose of health regeneration can mean the difference between life and death. It’s also a pretty awesome way to rack up points.

While the class has some pretty mean weapons, players might still want to go for tubing instead.

The grenade launcher is going to be a favorite choice for those interested in running around the map and shooting of grenades wherever there are crowds of enemy players. There are plenty of different kinds of ammo for the launcher which have been detailed below.

  • M320 HE: High Explosive 40mm grenade with a small blast radius for engaging grouped infantry and light vehicles.
  • M320 SMK: A 40mm grenade that creates a blinding cloud of white smoke on impact, which also blocks spotting.
  • M320 DART: Flechettes packed in a 40mm cartridge that effectively transforms the launcher into a shotgun.
  • M320 FB: Flashbang 40mm grenade with a suppressive flash to temporarily blind enemies in close quarters.
  • M320 LVG: A 40mm grenade that bounces before exploding on a timer.

As written, each ammo provides a special service, which can be helpful in different situations. Note that the M320 HE will not necessarily kill enemy soldiers with a single blast.

Unlock Progression

Defibrillator: 11,000 Score
M26 MASS: 22,000 Score
Offensive Field Upgrade: 33,000 Score
M320 SMK: 44,000 Score
M26 DART: 55,000 Score
Combat Medic Field Upgrade: 66,000 Score
M320 DART: 77,000 Score
M26 Slug: 89,000 Score
Medic Bag: 100,000 Score
M26 Frag: 111,000 Score
M320 FB: 122,000 Score
Grenadier Field Upgrade:
M320 LVG: 140,000 Assault Score

Above is the complete progression for the Assault class. The respective score means that once you’ve earned that amount, the coinciding weapon/gadget/upgrade will be made available.

Defibrillators are of vital importance if Assault players are looking to go full medic. The ability to revive fallen comrades and send them back into the mix can pretty much change the course of a battle.

Remember to hold down the button to fully charge your paddles before deploying; else the player will be revived with only 20% health. However, reviving fallen players is just part of the game.

As a full time medic, your role will also require placing Medic Bags around. While a first aid pack gives health regeneration once someone walks over it, the Medic Bag slowly heals nearby soldiers to full health, even in combat.

Equipping the M26 MASS means that you’re ready to let go the M320 Grenade Launcher and jump into the fray – up close and dirty. The shotgun can be mounted below the barrel of some of the assault rifles and can be loaded with different kinds of ammo.

  • M26 DART: Loaded with flechette rounds that reduce damage but increase range and penetration.
  • M26 Slug: Loaded with metallic slugs for increased efficiency at longer ranges.
  • M26 Frag: Loaded with explosive frag ammunition for increased suppressing power.

The rate of fire of the shotgun is very low and you’ll have to reload a shell manually after each shot. However, that’s compensated by the sheer damage one slug can cause in close range.

Unique Field Upgrades

Combat Medic
Medic Upgrade: Increases maximum deployed Medic Bags and First Aid Packs by 1.
Sprint: Increases maximum sprint speed by 10%.
Defib Upgrade: Increases charge up speed of the Defibrillator by 100%.
Medical Unit: Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers.

Grenades: Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades by 1.
Sprint: Increases maximum sprint speed by 10%.
40mm Grenades: Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades by 3.
Flak: Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.

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