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Tiger Woods Looking for another Company to Develop His Golf Video Game

We reported yesterday that EA and Tiger Woods had parted ways after 15 years. Indeed we won’t be seeing another “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” game from EA, but that doesn’t mean Woods isn’t planning to partner with some other company to develop the game.

ESPN talked to the golf legend’s agent Mark Steinberg who has disclosed the news that they are looking for a replacement of EA to use Tiger Woods’ videogame rights.

We had an incredible run, said Steinberg. Outside of (John) Madden, you would be hard pressed to find a sports figure that meant as much to a video game company as Tiger meant to EA. But times are changing and EA had to re-evaluate the partnership. And frankly so did we.

He also divulged that they are in negotiations with “another company,” without even a hint of who could he be referring to. What’s clear is that another Tiger Woods game is probable, but another thing clear is that EA will continue to use the PGA Tour name for their golf games.

It seems like Woods is going through a really rough patch. His rather subdued performance in the past and the unwelcome exposure of an extramarital affair has led to other companies like AT&T, Tag Heuer and Gatorade to either cancel their contract with him or choose not to renew.

In the past 15 years, Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise has bagged more than $771m making it a very difficult decision for EA but now that they have decided to let go Tiger Woods, it would be interesting to see how consumers respond to a game that doesn’t have Tiger Woods on the cover.