Ryse: Son of Rome Won’t Have Demo or PC Port

In contrast with how the Xbox One exclusive historical adventure is impressing people all over the world, news coming out from the developers might just disappoint others. It has been confirmed in a live stream aired by Microsoft Game Studios that Ryse: Son of Rome will neither get a demo nor a PC port in the foreseeable future.

In the live stream Senior Producer Justin Robey and Microsoft’s Senior Brand Manager Glenn Gregory walk you through an hour long multiplayer focused gameplay. Unquestionably, the game is impressive in itself but while answering questions from fans, Senior Producer Robey dropped the dismaying news.

In one question he was asked whether players will be allowed to try out the game before they spend their precious money on it, to which he responded by a clear cut “no.”

The other question, a rather more expected one, was about a PC port of the game down the line but it seems like Microsoft is fixated with keeping this game exclusive to Xbox One. If you want to play Ryse: Son of Rome, you need to purchase the game and an Xbox One.

Developer’s statement leaves no doubt in the future of the game, does it? So PC gamers are we going to see another petition filing over the internet or you won’t mind having Ryse confined to Xbox One?

Ryse: Son of Rome will hit the market along with Xbox One on November 22.