Rift Update “Song of Dreams” Coming Next Week

This is the second time that Trion World’s MMORPG Rift has made it to the news in the past couple of days, this time though it is about the Rift update that is going be released next week.

A short announcement on the game’s official website was spotted by Massively which announced the update 2.5 that comes with a rather deep title, Song of Dreams.

“RIFT’s upcoming 2.5 update, Song of Dreams, is headed to a PC near you on November 6,” reads the post.

We do know there will be new dungeons and chronicles but there wasn’t much to go on in the post apart from an advice to stay tuned for more information, but hey it is still a start.

“Want to know more about the upcoming dungeons, chronicles, slivers, and find out more about the rumblings that have been heard around Ember Isle? We’ll be detailing it all on the blog – so stay tuned!”

For those of you who do not know, chronicles are dungeons made for either one or two players together.

The game was also released to Steam only a couple of days ago, in case you were thinking of getting one for yourself. The game comes with 3 bundles purchasable separately and all the sixteen updates that the game has received so far.

As far as the update is concerned, more details will come out as the release date approaches and since that is only a week from now, I am guessing I will be posting about it again in a day or two – watch this space.