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PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 Accessory Compatibility Detailed

With just a fortnight left in the launch date of PlayStation 4, you must be wondering if any of your previously owned gear is going to be of some good with your new console. More importantly, whether the accessories you have been using on PlayStation 3 would be compatible with PlayStation 4.

Sony has released an extensive FAQ section that covers a majority of the questions that one would have in mind. Since there are countless things in there we would break it down and simplify them for you.

The highlights are, if you were planning to save some dimes on the controllers: don’t, because DualShock 3 will not be compatible with PlayStation 4 just as the PS3 Blu-ray remote will become useless. You might want to hold on to your PlayStation Move if you have it though since it will be compatible.

Other than that, Bluetooth headsets will not be usable though you will be able to connect them using USB after the software update version 1.5. Keyboards will be compatible in general although the dedicated buttons for PlayStation 3 won’t work on PlayStation 4. No need to hang on to the mice though since neither Bluetooth nor USB will render them attuned.

Fighting sticks, steering wheel and similar PS3 peripherals might be usable if a specific game allows so that one is up to the developer.

At the launch of PlayStation 4, the accessories that will be available include: DualShock 4, PlayStation Camera, PS4 Vertical Stand (for $14) and DualShock 4 Charging Cradle (for $29.99).

So tell us, what do you make of it?