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Sorry Playstation 4, TitanFall is Xbox One Exclusive For Life

Titanfall is not coming to PlayStation 4 in the life of the title. We do know that the game’s exclusivity was announced way back at E3 but this news curbs any hope of that exclusivity being timed.

EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen was at a conference call with investors when he confirmed that the game has a full exclusive status for Xbox and PC, which means this title will stay exclusive to these platforms for life.

“In the case of Titanfall, it’s a brand new (intellectual property), and it’s exclusive only — through the life of the title — for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC,” said Jorgensen when he was asked about how the game could perform in the future.

Elsewhere, Vince Zampella the co-founder of Respawn Entertainment also tweeted on this matter saying:

Nevertheless, Zampella’s tweets did show something that could be a ray of hope in the future. Just as anyone else would think, he confirmed that the exclusivity was limited to this title only which means the sequel to Titanfall might actually come to other platforms.

Console manufacturers often try to get hold of bigger titles so that they can lure in new customers through them. The same was prominently visible on Microsoft’s marketing of Xbox One (with the new launch ad etc.), but usually such gimmicks are limited to a specific time and not for the life of the title.

Apparently, Microsoft is weighing Titanfall very highly and is expecting to steal a visible chunk out of PlayStation 4’s customer base with it.

Do you think Titanfall is big enough to have that much impact on Xbox One sales?