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Nintendo Still Suffering From Poor Wii U Sales

According to the Earnings Release for the six months ended September 30, 2013 Nintendo has still not shed the effects of Wii U’s poor performance in the market. The gaming console was released nearly a year ago on November 18, 2012 but the drastically low sales and the dilemma that it brought on Nintendo has lingering effects.

It is pretty evident from the financial reports that if the Wii U factor had been out of the question, Nintendo would have traded much better. The company has reported a gross profit of 62 billion Yen but still the final figure stands at an operating loss of 23.2 billion Yen (equivalent to $187 million).

The huge disproportionate loss has been attributed to the company’s efforts in reviving the demand of Wii U through extensive marketing and advertizing campaigns. Other major cost element was the research and development expense that the company made for the console’s software.

Worldwide, the sales of Wii U for the six months period touched 460,000 units while the software sales were a much higher 6.30M. In the Americas and Japan Wii has still outsold the console by 500 units above the 230,000 units that Wii U sold.

In comparison to that, the 3DS experienced a hiked demand unquestionably due to the release of Pokemon X & Y. 3DS’s global sales reached 3.89 units.

Other than Pokemn X and Pokemon Y, The Tomodachi Collection sold 1.63 million units since its release date. Animal Crossing: New Leaf managed 2.49 million units worldwide since its June release while other games that showed stable figures were Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

Talking about the net sales figure, the report states that 65.7 percent of the 196.5 billion Yen were achieved through overseas sales. This could possibly be the reason why Nintendo is aiming at paying more attention to digital distribution of Wii U and 3DS titles.

Do you think it is time that Nintendo forget about the extensive promotion of Wii U or does it still stand a chance at picking pace?

Source: Nintendo via Polygon