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League of Legends Harrowing Brings New Skins, Mystery Gift and Summoner Icons

What’s that summoner? Did you hear a twig snap? It took a while, but the annual League of Legends Harrowing event is finally here, alongside Patch 3.13. This year’s event is a little bittersweet, since there are only 2 brand new skins but to compensate Riot is letting you have at some other cool stuff.

The two new harrowing skins consist of a pretty awesome semi-Legendary skin for Zyra called Haunted Zyra. The official price for it is 1375 RP but you can get it for 975 in the days directly after launch.

The other is called Officer Vi and costs 975 RP. These skins are not limited or legacy, since there’s only two this year Riot Games has decided to make them permanent mainstays in the store.

That’s not all though, some legacy skins will be making a comeback. Feeling blue because you think you’ll never have a chance to snag the previous Harrowing skins?

Fear no more. This year you’ll be able to get all the Harrowing skins that were ever released for the past three years. That includes Legendary skins like Zombie Brand as well as the Shadow Isles content from last year.

Also similar to last year, there is a mini event going on in which you can unlock new Summoner Icons and buy the Harrowing Themed ward skins from last year. The wards cost about 640 RP each and are permanently unlocked once bought.

We also have Mystery Gifting, which is a cool new feature that allows you to gift a random skin to a friend for a mere 490 RP. The skin will always be worth more than 520 RP, so there’s no chance of you gifting someone and them getting Assassin Master Yi. As long as they own a champion, they can open the gift and receive a random skin for that champion.

Lastly we have the new Summoner Icons. You must complete a set of tasks in order to unlock them and they go as follows:

  • Tomb Angel Icon – Use a Harrowing ward skin
  • Spirit of the Altar Icon – Buy any piece of Harrowing content
  • Vilemaw Icon – Venture into the Twisted Treeline
  • Iceborn Keeper Icon – Surprise a friend with a mystery gift
  • Morellonomicon Icon – Earn all four rewards to unlock the fifth Harrowing 2013 icon

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