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Earth Defense Force 2525 Headed to PS3 in February Next Year

All those ludicrous weapons and even more ludicrous insects to kill with them! Yes, Earth Defense Force is bouncing back – this time on PlayStation 3. PlayStation Blog announced the news through a post yesterday where February 4, 2014 was confirmed as the release date for Earth Defense Force 2525.

A follow up to Earth Defense Force 2017, it will be the same third person shooter where a multinational military fights off against extraterrestrial beings and other insect like creatures.

The game is already live in Japan since June and has already received additional DLCs. Rejoice because all the Japan DLC will also be shipped to North America and Europe but the post commits no release date.

As of today the game is available for preordering at Gamestop along with a Gamestop-exclusive Air Raider Weapons Pack that will bring you Pure Decoy Launcher (Setsu)a ludicurously crafter self destructing balloon that looks like an attractive female. It also includes The flame throwing BNO3 Vegalta Gold.

Three additional weapon packs will also be up for preorders:

The Fencer Weapons Pack
Ifrit: A cannon that launches rockets that will separate and disperse over the sea. Each rocket is equipped with multiple incendiary bombs that will ignite upon contact, causing massive damage.
Blood Storm: A powerful cannon that will separate midair and rain down on the enemy’s head and inflict damage on an entire area.

The Wing Diver Weapons Pack
Reflectron Laser: A special laser that fires in two directions and can even shoot through narrow passageways. It’s an effective weapon with giant insects, as it can maximize range without obstruction.
Gleipnir: This super weapon silently discharges balls of energy with the ability to launch continuous attacks. Only Wing Divers can use this weapon, as it requires the Psionic Link.

The Ranger Weapons Pack
Volatile Napalm: A military grade discharge device that sets everything ablaze and damages the target and surrounding areas.
Pure Decoy Launcher (Mian): A weapon that distracts the enemy by discharging a large balloon that takes the shape of an attractive female, but the enemies will meet their fate when the balloon unexpectedly self destructs, destroying everything in its vicinity.

Who is up for some alien bashing?