SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Launch Trailer Pits The Academy Against OmegaCo

EA has released the launch trailer of Cities of Tomorrow, the new futuristic DLC pack for SimCity that will allow players to dwell in the sci-fi genre and develop their very own city of tomorrow.

The trailer itself shows off both The Academy and its competition, OmegaCo. The Academy is accentuated for its brilliant scientific-mindset and favoring green solutions and fusion reactors over polluting factories. OmegaCo however is the more greedy of the bunch who are all about giant robots and factories that are great for generating cash but also polluting the city into a wasteland.

According to OmegaCo, the Academy’s green technology is expensive and pointless; hence the trees shouldn’t have been growing there in the first place. The Academy counters that by stating that robots and drones are a threat to society itself and so why not go for floating trains instead?

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow launches on November 15, 2013. Would you be getting a copy for yourself or are you still being ravaged by SimCity’s past launch problems? While many are reporting that Maxis has pretty much ironed out the problems, there are still those who are facing continuous issues with the game in the form of bugs and imbalances.