Teaser Site from Sega was for New Samurai & Dragons Game

As reported previously, Sega had put up a new webpage with the tagline “the new story will begin,” well as it comes out, the new story is actually another season in the Samurai & Dragons series titled Intense Samurai & Dragons.

Although it is not exactly a “new” story as it will be the fifth installment of the game, it sure seems worth it from the trailer that came up with the announcement. The teaser page has been updated to announce the game for the PlayStation Vita and the Samurai & Dragons website has been updated with the news.

Now that all the hints towards “rage” and “violence” that came up with the teaser and the PlayStation Vita keyword in the description of the page are all making sense, let us shed light on what the game is actually about.

Just as the official website shows, it is a free to play game with the likes of Kingdom Conquest and incorporates tie ups with games like Dead or Alive 5 Plus and Soul Sacrifice along with certain other console mascots.

The previous games in the series had elements of card based battles that included the aforementioned cross over character cards from other games.

Looking at how the game was localized in English previously, we are hoping to see a release in the western territories too but nothing of that sort has been announced so far.

Intense Samurai & Dragons will plunge into the gaming world on November 1.

Thanks, Siliconera.