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This is How the Trophy Unlock Notification Looks Like on PS4

Trophies for accomplishing different achievements pre-defined by developers for their games are returning to PlayStation 4. However, this time around the trophies will be notified a bit differently than that on the PlayStation 3.

This time around the notifications for earned achievements are going to “slide” in from the top left of the screen in a dedicated tray and then fade away. In comparison on the PlayStation 3, earned achievements pop up in a floating rectangle bubble that disappears rather than fade.

Below are the respective previews of both notifications, courtesy of GearNuke.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

The subtle fading is a nice effect on Sony’s next-gen console but personally I don’t find the PlayStation 3 notification bad either.

The PlayStation 4’s release is almost upon us, that is November 15, 2013. The console will retail for $399, a whole $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 console bundle will come without the inclusion of a PlayStation Camera. The peripheral can be bought separately for $60.