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PDP Will Sell Xbox One Kinect TV Mount with Privacy Cover

Say no to cameras in your living room! Ah well, that will be your slogan if you were working for PDP or just trying to be cynical about having Kinect’s camera in your living room.

The peripherals manufacturer, PDP is releasing a new TV mount for Xbox One’s Kinect whose primary feature would be a privacy cover that will block Kinect from recording any footage.

Pardon my satire, but that’s what all the fuss was about when it got revealed that the next generation Kinect will be so wise as to understand two people talking. Heck, people even labeled it as a product of the NSA but we won’t know that would we?

Microsoft has clarified that the technology will not be used for marketing strategies as Kinect is not built with ad functionality and also that it does not record any data for marketing purposes.

Even if you don’t trust take their word for it, you can solve your problem with just %20. PDP’s Kinect TV Mount will block both RGB and IR cameras with a cover and will be mountable on top of your TV, according to the description on Amazon.

Description of the product reads:

Mount your Xbox One Kinect Sensor to nearly any TV with the Kinect TV Mount. It’s fast and easy to install, requiring no tools. Perfect for flat panel HTDV’s. The privacy cover protects your privacy by blocking both the RGB and IR cameras.

The bracket is to be released on December 4, until then you will have to make do with pieces of cloth and rags to cover up the cameras – we must not let them intrude our privacy.

Thanks, Polygon.