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Minecraft: Update 1.7.2 Releases Tomorrow and Will “Change the World”

Mojang is all ready to roll out an enormous Patch 1.7.2 which the developer is calling the “Update That Changes The World”.

“With more than half a million lines of code changed over 1,104 commits,” the new patch is going to be finally released tomorrow and will bring forth a major change to how worlds are generated.

Additionally there are a ton of changes, including Fishing additions, map tweaks, new blocks and meta changes for achievements. The original patch notes posted on Mojang’s blog is pretty long but below you can find the main crux of the patch.

New world generation!

  • Double the amount of biomes, with new trees/flowers/blocks.
  • New “Amplified” world option.
  • Less ocean, more awesome.

New blocks!

  • Two new types of wood.
  • Stained glass! With both blocks and panes.
  • Packed ice, red sand, podzol.
  • Lots of new flowers, including double-tall versions of current plants.
  • Portals can be bigger sizes!


  • Added more type of fish.
  • Redone the fishing mechanics. Can now catch junk and treasure too.
  • Fishing rod enchantments!


  • Put them in an item frame and hang them on your wall. They’re extra big!
  • Lots of new colours for lots of blocks!
  • Now with less lag!

There wasn’t any mention of a release date for the consoles.