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Dark Souls 2 Beta Rescheduled in American Regions

Namco Bandai had announced couple of days ago that the PlayStation 3 beta test session for Dark Souls 2 will be held on Sunday between 7am to 10am. Though everything else went well, the North American and South American regions beta has been rescheduled amid technical difficulties.

Players who had downloaded the beta client were having trouble logging into the client on the scheduled time which forced the publisher to cancel the session.

As for the people who are worried about their chance at the beta test session, you need not worry because your spot is secure if you had signed up and downloaded the beta, though we have not been told when exactly the network test will be held.

In order to play the beta test you will be able to use the same downloaded client you have but a new patch will have to be downloaded on it.

This Dark Souls 2 beta test is going to be the third for the game when it takes place next time. For all those who have missed out on it so far, this is going to be their chance to get first hands-on experience of how competitive the gameplay is going to be.

Dark Souls 2 will be launching on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 11.