New FIFA 14 Trailer Shows Next-Gen Action

Here’s your chance to see just how FIFA 14 will look on the new next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

A new trailer released by EA Sports today shows us just how close EA’s claims of FIFA 14 bringing the game to life really holds. Spanning to around two minutes, viewers can get a glimpse of some of the iconic stadiums featured in the game, as well as the new weather system – showcasing rain and snow pelting on to the playing fields.

The video then moves on to gameplay footage, showcasing players doing what they do best – making plays in air and executing shots, passes and movements.

FIFA 14 is being powered by EA’s new Ignite engine that has helped the developer bring in a range of new features like Elite Technique, Pro Instincts and Precision Movement, all of which have been shown in the trailer.

The game has already been released on current-gen platforms this past month and will land on the next-gen consoles next month. The PC version in specific is skipping out on many of the new features because EA believes the average PC rig will not be able to run the next-gen version.

FIFA 14 will be available when the Xbox One and PS4 launch on November 22 and November 29, respectively.