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Basement Crawl is a PS4 Exclusive Maze-Based Action Title

Basement Crawl is a strategic action game from indie developer Bloober Team, which will exclusively be part of the PlayStation 4’s launch line up next month.

The game features maze-based action with strategic elements and has support for up to eight players online or four via local play. The core gameplay revolves around setting up traps, explsoives, obstacles and the like to hinder or defeat enemies. The press release calls it “a ghoulish but entertaining presentation inspired by classic grindhouse movies, twisted horror films and even other games, such as Manhunt.”

Starting up, players will be able to choose from four classes, each of whom has its own variety of bombs, abilities and others unique aspects. In a team-based game, mixing up different classes can prove vital for victory. The first class is a midget clown, the second is a crash-test dummy, the third is a girl with a teddy bear and the last one is still unannounced.

According to the studio’s creative director and vice president Peter Bielatowicz, the team took inspiration from such titles as Spy vs Spy and Bomberman.

“Gameplay revolves around setting up traps, self-detonated or activated by characters approaching it or stepping on it without noticing, to hurt other players,” he said. “It’s focused on multiplayer, but basic single-player campaigns with bots to fill in for missing characters will be available too.

“While our inspirations go back to the retro classics, we are making a game up-to-date with the competition. It goes from the audio-visuals – Basement Crawl will be 2.5D game with dynamic cameras – to the game modes, characters and mechanics. We felt that many games nowadays are dependent on character development or luck and randomness, so we designed Basement Crawl to exclude the luck factor and remove the dependence on leveling-up characters.

“We want to make Basement Crawl as skill-based as possible and focus on hardcore players instead of casual or ‘middlecore’ players.”