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Pokemon X/Y Save Bug Fix is Now Available on 3DS eShop

Just over a week ago many Pokemon X & Y players complained for a serious issue plaguing the titles, where saving the game in Lumiose City would end up corrupting the save files. Nintendo was quick to acknowledge the bug and suggested that players should retreat inside buildings to save inside the Lumiose City. In the mean while the development team worked around a possible fix and that is now available for download.

The Pokemon X/Y 1.1 update requires 229 blocks of free memory and removes the glitch entirely. More so, the update also restores previously corrupted save files which is really great news for players for they can now just continue using those said files.

The update also fixes a GTS bug that would cause the game to crash while attempting to trade Pokemon found through filtering methods. The patch is listed as an available update in the 3DS eShop on logging in and should auto-install itself.