Fighter Within First Gameplay Video Shows off Kinect powered Fights

This is for those of you who often feel the need to beat the hell out of their friends. Of course real life situations do not permit that all the time and that’s where The Fighter Within could help you out. How about actually punching and kicking the way you want to through Kinect? Sounds good, but let’s see.

Ubisoft’s Xbox One exclusive launch title The Fighter Within is, just as the name suggests, a fighting game but it is solely controlled by Kinect – no wires attached. The first gameplay footage for the game was released by the developer and it surely is impressive, I just hope it is not too much of a hype-creating gimmick.

I say that because when you go through the video you will see certain cinematic moves that the characters pulls off during the fights that it shows. What perplexes me how exactly are they going to liaison such complex moves with the real life fighting gestures that the players would input.

This question would not have been there if the video included footage of the real world inputs given by the demo playing players.

In this game, you will see martial arts to brawl beatings and everything that goes along those lines; your character can even swing around a tree to give extra power to the attack, which again raises a simple question – How?

The Fighter Within releases on the launch date of Xbox One i.e. November 22. Who is up for some revenge?