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EVE Online: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition Has Arrived

Ten years of glory, that is what CCP is celebrating these days. Among other things, one way that they are making their point is by announcing The Second Decade Collector’s Edition that will just about give you the whole of EVE Online’s history.

Learn where it all started and where it has reached now with a handsomely priced box set of $149.99. Don’t go too out of the kilter about the price because the contents might just be worth it.

Among the physical items that you will get for losing 150 bucks out of your wallet is “Into the Second Decade” an illustrative book that lasts 192 pages. This will mentor you on the history of the game starting from the creation of EVE Universe to DUST 514.

The “Minmatar Rifter” is a combat frigate that actually is a four port USB hub including the stand and a USB Cable. A soundtrack CD of EVE Symphony will bring you live recording from Icelandic Symphony Orchestra as played at the Fanfest 2013, along with three collectible “code” cards.

A “Mystery Code” that comes with the box set will serve as a special perk for your generosity of spending by giving you access to future CCP events and products that include:

  • 1 x PLEX – available at launch
  • New and exclusive “Phanca” Cybernetic Arm – coming November 19
  • Exclusive “Templar MkII Prototype Fighter” for EVE: Valkyrie – coming 2014
  • More Mystery Code content that will be announced soon.

Lastly, you’ll get a completely different game, the “Danger Game” that has high emotional value to CCP because of the help it had provided in funding the original EVE Online. Danger Game was actually released back in 1998.

The digital items that come with the EVE Second Decade Collector’s Edition include:

For EVE Online:

  • “The Golden Pod”, radiate luxury during your shipless excursions in this polished gold makeover of the iconic capsule
  • Gnosis Battlecruiser Blueprint, a five-run blueprint copy of the impressive 10th Anniversary gift ship.
  • “Time Capsule”, in-game collectibles celebrating lore, memes and memorable moments
  • “Tash-Murkon Magnate”, the popular Amarr exploration frigate with a striking new skin
  • New account CD Key with 60 days of game time

For DUST 514:

  • Amarr “Templar” Assault Dropsuit
  • Amarr “Templar” Logistics Dropsuit
  • Amarr “Templar” Heavy Dropsuit
  • Amarr “Templar” Scrambler Rifle
  • Amarr Scrambler Pistol
  • Amarr Laser Rifle

It is a pretty heft deal, go here to see more of it and then come back to let us know if you’ll be willing to spend that much on it or not.