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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Adds New Artisan Ally ‘Myriam Jahzia’

Blizzard is slowly but surely revealing all there is to know about Reaper of Souls, the first expansion pack to Diablo 3.

Previously the developer revealed that the expansion would bring forth a new Paladin character class, along with other additional features. That seemed pretty exciting enough. Today Blizzard has detailed yet another aspect of Reaper of Souls, announcing the addition of a new artisan ally called Myriam Jahzia, who is capable of very unique abilities such as enchanting your rare or legendary items to be more powerful by re-rolling one attribute of your choice.

Only certain attributes can be re-rolled and an eligible attribute can be re-rolled as many times as you wish. I can already see plenty of Diablo 3 players spending an aching amount of time just re-rolling to get those perfect figures. However if the player wishes for Myriam to bring back the previous attribute then that can be done as well.

Rolling certain attributes seem pretty good but Myriam’s most important ability that players will love is to be able to change the appearance of an item, thanks to the new Transmogrification feature, that is if you have unlocked the appearance.

All of Myriam’s services will come with a small fee, much like what we have with our current artisans of Diablo 3.

Reaper Of Souls is currently slated to release on the PC and the PlayStation 4 platform soon.

Source Blizzard